Suing to Stop Wainscott Development

By T.E. McMorrow | April 5, 2012 – 11:26am

David Eagan, the attorney for the Concerned Citizens of Wainscott, which has one lawsuit pending over a proposed Wainscott development and another waiting in the wings, blasted the East Hampton Town Attorney’s office this week for working too closely with real estate lawyers who are representing applications before the town.
He referred in particular to a statement made by the developer Michael Davis, whose certificate of occupancy for 411 Montauk Highway in Wainscott Mr. Eagan was challenging before the town zoning board of appeals on March 27.
The town’s senior building inspector, Tom Preiato, had issued a dual-use certificate of occupancy in June of last year allowing the property to be used for both residential and business purposes. The property is in a residential zone, but had commercial uses prior to current zoning regulations. Last month, the town planning board approved a site plan for Wainscott Wombles L.L.C., allowing Mr. Davis to tear down the commercial building there and build a new one in its place as well as a small house and garage. Mr. Eagan is challenging the legality of the certificate of occupancy.

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